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  • Moral leadership for african americans

    Moral leadership for african americans

    WE BELIEVE African Americans deserve strong, moral leaders who will pursue the noble dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that all people should be judged "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."WE BELIEVE that many of today's so-called "civil rights leaders" have lost...

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  • Save Alton Community Centre

    Save Alton Community Centre

    Please sign this petition to Save Alton Community Centre from proposed East Hampshire District Council cuts: Alton Community Centre is a very popular activities hub at the heart of the East Hants community, located in the centre of Alton and easily accessible and reasonably priced for clubs, adult...

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  • Protect our Military Families and Veterans

    Protect our Military Families and Veterans

    Government should not be allowed to use military, their families and veterans as pawns in political debates. We need a new law that protects our military and veterans from losing their pay in the event of a government shutdown. To not take of our military, their families, and veterans is unpatriotic...

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  • Justice For Nick Crabaugh

    Justice For Nick Crabaugh

    Aug 10, 2017 - Nick Crabaugh was killed in a car wreck due to a 36 year old man under the influence of drugs, We would like justice for Nick as he didn't deserve to end his life at such a young age due to someone else's mistake, but we would also like justice for everyone else that would like there...

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  • Vote of no confidence in Tory Government

    Vote of no confidence in Tory Government

    Our NHS is now at a critical point. There is now talk of introducing a HEALTH TAX. As UK CITIZENS who have during and still are paying tax why should we compensate an INADEQUATE GOVERNMENT who are unable to do the job they were elected to do. It is now time for this COUNTRY to petition a VOTE OF NO...

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  • Secede from Butler Township

    Secede from Butler Township

    We, the undersigned residents of Beech Mountain Lakes, Drums, Pennsylvania, ask that the Beech Mountain Lakes Association board of directors explore the possibility of and move forward with a plan to secede from Butler Township, its governance and taxing authority, and incorporate the entire land area...

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  • Close Trumps Twitter A/C

    Close Trumps Twitter A/C

    In order for the USA to negotiate correctly with world countries, Twitter should close his account!

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  • Unfair voting system

    Unfair voting system

    I strongly believe that way mps are elected to Parliament is unfair and that the voting system is wrong and in need of serious change we vote at elections to elect mps to represent the voters once office they do not carry out this task so therefore we should be anle to unelect them for not doing their...

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  • Remain in EU

    Remain in EU

    We are European and should stay and help to reform the system.Europeans here should stay.

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  • funding gap

    funding gap

    We, the undersigned, call upon the Chancellor of the Exchequer to tackle our £1.3 million student town funding gap in West Lancashire by giving local councils powers to bring student landlords within the scope of business rates in the same way that hotels, self-catering and holiday lets are within...

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  • Para que echen a puigdemont en prison

    Para que echen a puigdemont en prison

    pidamos al Gobierno del presidente Mariano Rajoy Brey que “cumpla la Ley y que la haga cumplir” en Cataluña. Por haber destrozado a Cataluña y España, queremos que actúan rápido y pongan a puigdemont y sus acólitos en prison ,no se puede dejar uno...

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  • The United Arab Emirate must stop its interference in Somalia

    The United Arab Emirate must stop its interference...

     Somalia turns down $80m to cut ties with Qatar The Somali government’s decision to take a neutral stand in the Arab states disputewith Qatar although welcomed by majority of Somalis who viewed it as a prudent policy, the policy however did not sit well with an Arab state which...

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  • Stop lights berwyn il

    Stop lights berwyn il

    I'm requesting signatures for stop lights, going both ways on 34th & grove in berwyn il. too many accidents happen there because traffic going east and west have no stop signs. only north and south do on that intersection. just yesterday i seen a bad accident occur. involving a young woman and her daughter...

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  • Remove the month of October

    Remove the month of October

    This month has no purpose!

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  • Stop Law from Violating Peaceful Protests

    Stop Law from Violating Peaceful Protests

    Podpisz petycję i udostępnij znajomym!

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  • Take a Stand, not a Knee

    Take a Stand, not a Knee

    This petition is to stop our government from using the taxpayers' money to build or renovate NFL stadiums, starting as soon as possible. Within the last twenty years the government and NFL has used over seven billion dollars for these projects. It is time for this money to be spent for better needs,...

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  • Impeach Trump

    Impeach Trump

    Lets actually get together as Americans and get rid of the negativity and get this lunitic out of office. Impeach Trump Now!!!

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  • Make Fergalicious the new National Anthem

    Make Fergalicious the new National Anthem

    star spangled banner suxs and Fergie is the new queen

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  • Say it loud say it proud No to Parish council

    Say it loud say it proud No to Parish council

    Stop tax increase by up to 15% an no extra cost on refuse collection, and the community would get to keep their community rather than handing it over to a parish council who would make all the choices in the area an we would see no funding. 

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  • Change the National Anthem to Love Sosa by Chief Keef

    Change the National Anthem to Love Sosa by Chief Keef

    We need to change our national anthem. What better to change it to than Love Sosa

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